Japan can be divided into zones of climate zone is 6. - Hokkaido: northernmost of the country. The cold weather throughout the year. - Sea of Japan: The deposit is located west coast of Japan. In winter snow more. Kewg and in the summer to cool the air over the Pacific Ocean coast. - High middle: temperature between day and night, summer is very different. - Esa Ito sea: a damp throughout the year. - Pacific Coast: Coastal Ocean located east of the country. In winter the cold air but not snow. Summer is hot and humid. - Southwest Islands: Islands Riwkiw subtropical temperatures. Is heated in winter and hot in summer. More rain and typhoon seasons change in the past.



Main rainy season begins in early May that Okinawa . And then gradually climb to Hokkaido in late July. Honchu rains on the island will begin in mid of June. A period of approximately a half months. The other is a period of rain during the spring season to change the summer. Summer and autumn are.