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Economic situation

After World War II. Japan has been hurt by war population. But they can recover quickly because of several factors such as the intervention of government workers who are quality. Rate of savings and investment high. During the Year 2500-2520 is the period that the economy of Japan grew substantially. Rate of real economic growth during the decade 2500 Buddhism, 2510 and 2520 averaged 10 percent, 5 and 4, respectively, since early 2510 the Japanese Buddhist decades have problems appreciating yen currency making many companies to shift production. outside after the split from the bubble. Buddhist decade starting in 2530 economic slowdown. And the resulting continuing Buddhist decade 2530 the government trying to stimulate the economy by how different, but not successful. And were Sgmetim the impact of economic slowdown in 2543 economic conditions after the year 2548 seems to be recovered from a number of growth of GDP higher. But Japan is experiencing back problems again when the financial crisis affecting global business, even if Japan’s financial sector has been affected very little compared to other countries because of decades of economic distress that in Japan carefully. increased investment in Japan, but the dependence on exports of cars and goods Electric Call Nick too is sent. Impact severely on the economy. And alleviate the problem of unemployment increased rapidly.

Japanese economy largest at 2 in the world after the United States. When measured by GDP before adjusting inflation (approximately 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars) and No. 3, behind the United States and China. When measured by purchasing power parity. Japan has a high capacity and national origin is a leading manufacturer of cutting. Home technology in various industries such as automotive electronics equipment out of the steel ship steel metal chemicals.

According to the Year 2548 Labor of Japan, there were 66.7 million Japanese rate unemployment low is approximately Percentage 4 GDP per hours worked in No. 20 of the world in BC 2548 and. is No. 1 Asia’s big companies of Japan, several well-known throughout the world like Toyota, Sony, NTT DoCoMo, Canon, Honda Takeshi David New as Tech Dole Nippon Steel and SEVEN LG software. Owen Japan being the origin of the largest banks many. Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is usually known because New Nikkei index has a large No. 2 in the world when measured by market capitalization.

Japan is unique in many businesses. Such applications เระ Fujitsu or the network will influence the business. Employment for life and graduated as senior will be found general. Companies that have business relationships to shareholders of each other. Shareholders usually have no role with the company’s management. But today, Japan began to change from the old system of these.

In Year 2548 the region used in agriculture, only percentage 12.6 and a population that includes agriculture, a percentage 6.6 only agricultural outputs produced significant when compared with other countries, including some cabbage rice it and tea, etc.. However, Japan must rely on imported food, the percentage 60 is in the rate of raising their relatively low. In recent years, concerns about train safety of food products produced in the making. Countries are demanding more.