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The general problem of thai workers

Thai workers in Japan is both a very active labor. Legitimate and active workers smuggle illegal. This condition is also different in the following conditions. Legal workers. Most are living conditions like Japanese general staff. Accommodation is available facilities are relatively rich benefits that have been quite a salary in accordance with the criteria. And rarely have problems being exploited. These workers often have contracts of employment. And aware of their rights. Illegal migrants. Most men work as a construction worker in the factory and found that most women working in bars . Or work in factories. Conditions were found as well as workers that may not be legal. And must be very stealthy. If the cities are expensive rental accommodation may rent rooms in shared many. Especially women who come to work and trade services to employers who use debt to buy the women. Then it is not good and being forced to prostitution until the debt be but a number of illegal Thai workers who are living comfortably and have a good income and found that illegal workers. not less income and a living force than the legal workers, especially those used in Japan as the country has long been a relatively good. (More than 3,000 baht per day), these workers do not pay social security are. Revenue was perfectly. Can send money back to Thailand, raising families and building the home. It is surprising that Thai workers are illegal is not less car driving. When used publicly without visas and driver’s license. If not create trouble for people in the area and villagers were called to the police to arrest people or driving license or is detected, then it is working on more. Data from the Department of Immigration. Japanese Ministry of Justice about the alien who is in exile in 2549, mostly illegal workers. The following information interesting. Foreign workers who smuggle illegal work is a work in exile, most major cities including Tokyo, which has the largest number (31.5 percent) to include a second. Kanagawa International Electric Chi,, Chiba, Saitama, hold Christ, Electric Baton Bora Gil, Osaka, Shizuoka and Gil Chi growing shift officer, respectively, only 10 were exile from the city. Accounted for 87.3 percent of all who were exile. If you consider the time that these workers were found working 44 percent of those who work more than 3 years up to this amount of approximately 64.8 per cent work more than 5 years to determine if the. Wages have been found likely decrease. The people who have income between 5000-7000 yen per day, most (41.2 percent), followed by the day 7000-10000 yen (35.6 percent) and 3000-5000 yen per day (12.0 percent), respectively. These foreign workers mostly work in the workplace, with owner characteristics. Alone is. Personal business. And found that those who smuggle illegal work is often like working in a small establishment run by the spread between the presence of the following. Types of illegal workers do. All nationalities.










Problem of Thai workers. The escape is the excessive and stealth work in Japan illegally. Because Japan has high wages compared to other countries is motivated. Alien seeking to enter and escape in Japan, even though they must pay. Brokerage costs to help Japan take to it. As illegal migrants, and most studies have not been a high-so. Often been exploited by. And employers often receive threats from employers that are sent to each officer will be. Back in exile did not dare allow employees the right to complain that their interests are adverse parties. Most employees do not always know that the Japanese labor law protection to all workers working in Japan. Whether any national or state. The residence is required or not. Problems that often occur with the excessive and stealth work in Japanese. Illegal work on include. * Employers * accrued wages employers pay less than agreed. * Work overtime without being paid * to leave without notice. * Employers are less cost that exceeds the truth * was reduced wages by employers claim that the economy is not good. * Received from the work accident, but employers are not responsible. * The internship year is also working overtime not think escape. Cause destruction of the Japanese labor market. * Etc.. There is also another big problem is the inability to join state health insurance when the illness is and must be received medical treatment must be free. A very high number. Sometimes illness must eat own medicine. The actual cause of the disease unknown. Treatment has not been making the point cumulative symptoms. Foreign women to pretend to be sex workers in Japan. Many Thai women have received solicitation from a broker to work with the Japanese do not know whether to pretend to be sex workers. But when they were sold in Japan and the store owner แน็ site that is. Source sales service. Sex in a very high price (approximately 5 billion yen each 3 million to 5 million yen), which became a debt. That such women. Liability to these by being forced to make money from sex until the debt has been reached independently. Employer violated the contract. Case workers to work in the Japanese legal issues employers are often not followed, such as contracts to work beyond the time specified in the church property to hire, pay less than that specified in the contract, the employer does not pay. overtime. Or pay less than the threshold set so that if the office. Receive complaints from employees will help mediate the dispute. In this case can be made in due. Contract with Corporate. Conditions of employment already clear. Well-being and ability to adapt. Because it is from home to live in Japan a long time, along with language, culture and food is different from that used to be made in isolation and homesickness. Even if a tenant is overdue, it must be very stealthy. If employers find that they will not be a good stress and boredom. Cause stress cause. Do not work well. Abaimuk. Thai workers are not less attached to Abaimuk casino. Or be playing Pachinko. Money to get it out of the Convention and Pachinko. When no money is required to recover the debt loan products. Or to pledge to bring the money to come to Darwin. Thai passport in Japan, although it has been found to pledge to each other. Thai people living with the friendly Thai people. Thai Visa To work with no need to introduce people to work. When a job and then pay compensation to the Thai people to take to find work. Which called up the show. In addition, the Thai Embassy to inform the Thai people frequently about behavior like that trick. Spoof with friendly Thai people like to find a job without the truth. Borrowing money was not refunded, and then turn up the share money inside fled. Impersonating receive benefits from such heirs Thai death. Problem child neglect and child stateless. Thai women who were excessive number. (Mostly sex workers) in love with Japanese men without marriage registration. Later generation Japanese husband and children but does not guarantee the child was born. And several escape. Along with these women not to birth at the Embassy in Tokyo to obtain Thai nationality to children. Because they fear being sent back through Thailand. Allow children to become child born stateless. When the issue of life or performance problems could not be raising children are often led children to leave child rearing center. Or agencies of the welfare state and often escape. Japan does not allow agencies to send children back home because it can not. Proof of citizenship to children. Thai women are not less to come. Sex workers to come in and eat with Japanese men. Problems and the stress of life and psychological problems as a cause. Neurological symptoms follow.