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Trends and opportunities of thai workers

Thai labor demand trends.

Number of Thai workers are legal in Japan are likely to increase steadily every year. But at a slightly increased. Professions because the Japanese authorities allowed foreign workers have been opened. Skills are just some professions. Only match the type of skilled workers to Thailand, including a competitive workforce skills (cooking the mahout) Actor Thai workers, etc. The other is increased. Who work with foreign subsidiaries in which case the parent or child. Joint venture that send employees to work in companies in Japan are increasing. Due to the visit of Japanese investments in Thailand.

In addition to negotiations under JTEPA (Japan Thai Economic Partnership Agreement that will lead to the FTA negotiations between Thailand and Japan. Is also proposed to expand the Japanese authorities professions to meet up. Programs to expand the potential market for Thai workers overseas workers in the professions is 5.

– Branch of Thai cooking.

– Branch Lord elderly.

– Branch modern housewife.

– Thai massage areas.

– Areas with massage oil.

For the professions of Thai cooking is the Japanese government is already open. It has identified those properties will come as skilled workers who store the rigorous cooking experience is required to work in professions that more than 10 years to the problem have been proposed in the conference negotiations FTA. negotiate for lower experience of those who have to work as a cook was reduced to only 5 years for those who tested the National Skill Standards Department of Labor. Expected to sign FTA in the year 2550.

The other 4 professions that are proposed for open markets in the FTA negotiations, which in future may be possible that Japanese authorities will be open. The area has high potential to include open.

– Branch Lord elderly. Because Japan is now experiencing old social conditions. And infant.

– Branch Thai massage and Japanese massage with oil, the demand very high wages. But if the Japanese government has not allowed to work. Now the work of the majority of Thai women married to Japanese.

– Dance music teacher teaches Thai cooking Thai Language Thai Language and Thai.

Trends in demand for Thai trainee interns internship program in technical systems is found JITCO likely continue to increase. Current image of Thai trainee improved because the escape from the source. Internship and trainee less diligent Thai adapt well and are often found to have been a number of organizations that have received other national trainee has not achieved. Successfully turned their attention for more Thai trainee.

Intern of the recipient organization for the Department of Employment IMM Japan to send interns. Which in the past had problems escape rate of trainee high. Allow suspended trainee to receive time. Following the changes to improve conditions for disabled people and interns. And has signed a memorandum of understanding last month began operations in July 2546 for an internship from January to February 2547 until now (March 2550) was a trainee to 35 models and 867 people to date (end of the month. March 2550) a trainee IMM Japan internship in Japan, 816 people show that the trainee is receiving very favorable. Not appear that the trainee escape. And the first generation of 34 interns who have completed 3-year internship and then returned to the country on February 15, 2550 and in 2549, along with the number of trainee Indo New Sierra escape high. Employer is interested comes for Thai trainee. If the circumstances of the internship trainee Thai maintaining current levels as it is. Quality and not escape from the source of internship. Expected to expand delivery trainee Thailand has increased every year by the year 2550 is expected to increase the trainee has received approximately 1,000 people.

Number of Thai workers to smuggle illegal work in Japan has continued to trend lower because the Japanese authorities to accelerate the fight against alien unlawfully in Japan since 2547, the Japanese government policy to reduce the number of people that are foreign. illegal to rest. Half within 5 years, including increasing penalties alien without a visa and employers to hire foreign workers is also expected to result in the near future the number of illegal foreign workers will be dropped entirely, however, the Japanese government soon. Would be provided for workers from other parts of the support of illegal foreign workers. To be reduced in future. Many parties to accelerate efforts to open to workers without skills. But also in many of the anti-Japanese people themselves. In the immigration control law and refugee clearly specified that. The opening will be done by foreign workers must be approved by referendum by the Japanese before the Japanese government has determined that close and it’s time to open for labor. Foreign to a lot more. Which are now collected data from public opinion survey regarding open. Foreign workers. Come to the conclusion to bring change laws to control immigration and refugees, No. 2, which used to be full time 5 years.