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Legal system

Legal system of Japan has influenced the history of Chinese law. And a unique development in the era A. Shindoa through documents such as Code ku Chi Kata Sa Tetsuo Yamada pile sesame Circuit (Japan: 公事 方 御 定书) Since the early Buddhist era since 2400 has been laying the groundwork in the judiciary system. Japan largely by the William C. Law of Europe. Especially France and Germany as a model in BC Government of Japan has announced the 2439 Civil call their “Cummins Expo” (Japanese: 民法) The Civil German model. And still is in effect since the post World War 2 until now. Supreme law of the State Constitution and the laws of Japan Master of the National Legislative Assembly, a brand. Emperor is announced to be made by stamping a seal according to the law and declare the Emperor does not have the power to veto royal laws. The Court of Japan. Third floor is divided up as follows from the lower District Court, General District Court and District Court include Family Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Japan’s major law called “associated year Expo” (Japanese: 六法) is a condition code of six key patents.