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Thai labor market

Market Thai workers in Japan. Today the Japanese government’s policy is open to foreign workers who have skills in specific skills only. The workers lack skills to refuse open. Expanding market for skilled workers that should be done in the current probability of increasing the number of cooking. But in limited demand due to employment are limited. Although Japanese are popular eating Thai food much matter. Total Thai Restaurant in Japan would not grow twofold. But gradual improvement. The issue of expanding employment in the Ministry of Labor supported the program. Thai workers to the potential growth in overseas labor markets in 5 fields of professions are cook Thai food. Branch Lord elderly. Branch Housewife art. Branch Thai massage. And branch massage with oil is in the cooking is already in place in the negotiations within the framework of FTA which is expected to be signed in the year 2550 by reducing requirements-term experience who will be running a. Cooking from the 10 years remaining 5 years of other areas are in discussions between the Thai government to the Japanese government is. And results are not progressing as they should. And although employers Japan, many want employees Thai massage work massage in Japan but the Japanese government still reserves the professional massage it to the Japanese who have problems visually, so Thai people in Japan that career employees. Thai massage is often a marriage with the Japanese. There is another channel of the Thai labor market expansion can be achieved. And are likely to be expanded. Is sent to Internship trainee under the internship program and practice the techniques of JITCO delivery is both the Department of Employment sent to the recipient organization trainee IMM Japan and the recruitment of interns with organizations to deliver audiences. privately in Japan. The two types of delivery are likely to grow more. And the current number of trainee escape is reduced from the past a lot. Also, organizations that are recipients of a problem for other foreign trainee turned their focus to get the internship, many from Thailand. The growing labor market. Thai trainee in Japan. Key activities that string associated. Japan has regularly continued the following. • call workers / trainee where routine tasks. To clarify the text in the knowledge work / internship. And recommended rule of living in Japan. With dry food. Newspapers are to distributed to the worker / trainee. Morale to the work / internship. The performance better. Popular employers. And to find an employer to ask. Hearing problems in receiving Thai / trainee Thai and explain to the workers learn to troubleshoot problems that arise to achieve is the smooth. • Conference organization recipients trainee to promote the candidates for internship and listening problems. Comments are to receive the internship. • advising information to employers. Recipient organizations interested in receiving employment Thais. • journeys with representatives of organizations who sent the market to visit the new recipient organizations. To build confidence to accept the internship Thailand. • 3 line provides telephone hotline to counsel Thai workers 24 hours. • organize a meeting of mobile workers. Consular work journey. • etc.