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Thai labor welfare

Office workers in Japan’s Ministry of Labor has the mission of providing care, support and protection benefits must maintain the best of Thai workers have always been more mission also has been held by the Embassy of CEO. in providing assistance to the Thai people in Japan. The missions are important. – Check the contract of employment of Thai workers to receive overtime wages and benefits as contracts and local laws set forth. – Care and protection of Thai workers to assist eligible Employment Act protects employees and job Year 2528 amended by Employment Act protects employees and job search (No. 2) Year 2537. – Review and set minimum standards in terms contract employment and other conditions of employment in Thailand. – Check the documents of employers hiring overseas. To protect. And prevention. Thai workers attack. The monitoring job. Check the style. To achieve maximum benefits for Thai workers. – Acts of labor in the venue. A coordinated negotiations on the issue disputes between employers and Thai workers. As well as representatives of Thai workers in various lawsuits. Or when Exploited Thai workers rights. – The sending Thai workers to assist countries in cases such as war or the environment. Natural disasters. Thai workers, including cases of illegal arrest and exile was. – Consulting, including conferences to educate the Thai workers in labor issues at the office or by leaving the workplace by the workers working in Thailand. Including inspection visit by Thai workers detention prison hospital, etc.. – To coordinate international cooperation. Coordinate agencies involved, both public and private. To create a good image for Thai workers. Joint problems including prevention dispute before the insurgency has become a big problem. – Relief items. And various dried food for trainee Thai Thai workers to Morale in practice and internship. – To provide consulting services and telephone hotline received request 24 hours of 3 lines. It also has the mission assigned by the Embassy at Tokyo, as CEO. – Track Thais lost / be placebo in Japan. – Helping sick. – To help Thai people suffering. (To help Thai women have been neglected husband). – The problem children, including children, no documents / no status, child neglect. And bringing children back home. – Monitor the condition of the facilities and conditions of Thai workers. – Coordination / monitoring the return of Thai people. – Helping those who have been arrested. (By police / immigration officers), by visiting. And send to relatives know (if you wish). – Assistance in the courts. The visit ผู้ต้องขัง and help initially. Provide coordination with the attorney and interpreter. – Visit the Thai people were determined to imprisonment in Japanese prison. – The delivery staff to work with the Resort You. Occasionally to increase skills and coordination to tighten further.